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Apex Casino in the St. Albert and Edmonton area offers an exciting entertainment experience where guests are treated exceptionally well. The casino features a variety of slot machines and table games to enjoy. Guests can also celebrate with delicious food and drinks while the attentive Apex staff provides personalized service. Live entertainment and sports viewing ensure there is always something lively happening to keep patrons engaged. Apex Casino offers a refined yet relaxed atmosphere for adults looking for a night out on the town. However, if the casino is closed when you want or if you just like playing games from home, you can have a lot of fun with platforms from the given online casino Canada list. They have many exciting games, bonuses, and a friendly online gaming community waiting for you to join in.

Brief History

History Apex Casino

Apex Casino first opened its doors in January 1994, but it wasn’t always known by that name. Originally, it operated under the moniker “Gold Dust Casino.”

In 2010, Gold Dust Casino underwent a significant renovation, which was successfully completed by the end of the year.

Throughout its two-decade presence in the St. Albert location, Apex Casino has witnessed numerous transformations as it has evolved into the thriving establishment we know today.

In November 2010, Apex Casino underwent a rebranding, emerging as the “Apex Casino & VEE restaurant, lounge & banquet.” Despite the name change, they remained committed to delivering top-notch customer service in both their gaming operations and food services.

Apex Casino is conveniently situated on the northwest boundary of Edmonton, within the vibrant city of St. Albert. This city boasts a rich arts and culture scene, a thriving business community, and a reputation for excellent shopping and unique stores. Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in St. Albert’s exciting festivals, including the:

  • International Children’s Festival
  • Rainmaker Rodeo & Exhibition
  • Rock n’ August
  • Outdoor Indoor Farmers’ Market
  • St. Albert Rotary Music Festival

Despite being a city, St. Albert maintains a strong sense of community, hosting a variety of clubs to help you find your place within this welcoming community.

At Apex Casino, every guest is treated like a VIP. Elevate your evening and enjoy a winning experience with friends, accompanied by delicious food, refreshing drinks, and outstanding entertainment. Apex Casino is your ticket to the pinnacle of excitement! The recent interior renovations have completely transformed the space, including a new and improved slot area, table game section, and poker room. You won’t believe the incredible difference until you see it for yourself!

Edmonton Casino Games at Apex Casino

Edmonton Casino Games

Are you looking for a fun night out in Edmonton and St. Albert with friends or some serious slot and table action? Apex Casino slot games and table games are guaranteed excitement.

Casino Table Games

Casino Table Games at Apex Casino

Learn more about the following Apex casino games:

  • Blackjack (w/Lucky Lucky)
  • Mini Baccarat
  • Three & Four Card Poker
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em
  • Roulette.

Apex Casino 24-Hour Poker Room (Coming Soon!)

Experience the thrill of poker like never before at the Apex Casino 24-Hour Poker Room in Edmonton. Their brand-new 24-hour setting is designed to provide you with the utmost comfort and enjoyment as you dive into the world of poker. Their dedicated and professional staff are well-trained to deal with all types of poker games, whether you’re into the adrenaline rush of No-Limit Texas Hold ’em or the strategy of Seven Card Stud. But that’s not all! While you’re with them, don’t forget to ask their friendly Housemen about the current promotions and upcoming events. Apex Casino is committed to providing you with a first-class poker experience that’s not only exciting but also filled with great opportunities.

Casino Slot Games

Casino Slot Games at Apex Casino

Their most popular slot machines, video lottery terminals (VLT’s), and progressive machines include:

  • Fort Knox
  • Diamond Dollars
  • Amazing Race
  • Jackpot Junction
  • Blazing 777’s
  • Monopoly
  • The Alberta Gold
  • Star Trek
  • and Many, Many More!

Apex Casino also has lotteries and sports select.

Vee Banquets & Meeting Rooms

An Event to Talk About

Need a great venue for your event? Vee Meeting & Banquet Rooms, St. Albert’s hottest new venue, is the perfect place to ensure your guests have a winning experience. These multi-functional, private celebration rooms boast elegant, modern décor, full kitchen service, executive chef and professional catering staff. They offer extensive menu packages prepared by their in-house culinary team and an incomparable level of service.

Latest Posts

Rise Above the Ordinary

The Vee main banquet room accommodates groups from 50 to 150, making it ideal for fundraisers, auctions, weddings, large parties, corporate events, conferences, and so much more. This state-of-the-art private room features a plug-and-play projection system, adjustable audiovisual and sound equipment, as well as a private bar that can be customized to suit almost any occasion.

Vee main banquet room

Restaurant & Lounge

Come celebrate with friends and great food at Apex Casino’s Vee Restaurant, or catch the game and enjoy live entertainment over drinks in Vee Lounge, where music and widescreen TVs keep you in action. Executive Chef has put together an excellent menu for you to enjoy morning, noon and night. Excellent daily specials, all at an outstanding price!

Private Dining Room at Apex Casino

Turn your intimate gatherings into a sophisticated VIP event at The Vault. The Vault comfortably seats up to 14 guests, making it ideal for business luncheons, private celebrations, dinner meetings and more. A private kitchen entrance, variable lighting, plug-and-play LCD screen, and intimate fireplace contribute to this stylish space’s refined atmosphere and help make every occasion memorable.

Private Dining Room at Apex Casino

Charity & Community

Donation/Sponsorship Request

Apex Casino proudly supports the Community & frequently supports Edmonton St. Albert community groups & non-profit organizations. Apex works with over 180 Different Charities per year. If you belong to a charitable group & would like more information about applying for a license to conduct a casino, please visit www.aglc.gov.ab.ca.

With its staff and management, Apex Casino continues to support a number of activities & events throughout the year.

In 2013 they have sponsored, just to name a few, these important initiatives:

  • Tiara Classic Golf Tournament in support of the Lurana Shelter
  • Youville Golf Tournament
  • St. Albert Housing Society
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Salvation Army Coats for Kids and Families
  • St. Albert Kinettes food Hampers
  • Atco/Edmonton Sun Charity Auction
  • Rock’N August
  • Rainmaker Rodeo.

Endless Fundraising Opportunities

Their VEE Banquet Room is a valuable, cost-effective resource that organizations can use to hold fundraising events. Its classy, modern look can be customized to suit any style of the fundraiser.

Some Entertainment Ideas & Offerings at your Event are:

Entertainment Event

  • fun money blackjack tournaments
  • sponsor recognition events
  • private slot tournaments
  • volunteer appreciation nights
  • live and silent auctions
  • dinner-and-show fundraisers
  • minors permitted events.

Rise Above the Ordinary

The VEE main banquet room accommodates groups from 50 to 150, making it ideal for almost every type of fundraising event. This state-of-the-art private room features a plug-and-play projection system, adjustable audiovisual and sound equipment, and a private bar that can be customized to suit almost any occasion.

Casino Employment at Apex

Be a part of a growing company and an exciting industry. Apex Casino offers competitive wages, benefits packages, loyalty incentive bonuses, gratuities in most positions, paid breaks, an exciting work environment, and so much more!

Responsible & Safe Gambling at Apex Casino

At Apex Casino in St. Albert, they are committed to being responsible corporate citizens and ensuring that their customers have a positive gaming experience. While most casino customers enjoy gambling responsibly as a form of entertainment, a small percentage may face problems related to gambling. They understand that the decision to gamble is a personal one, and Apex Casino cannot assume responsibility for an individual’s actions. However, their dedicated staff undergoes rigorous training that emphasizes the importance of responsible gaming, prevention policies, and procedures to provide assistance to those who may need help with their gambling habits.

Responsible Gaming and Safe Gambling

As part of their commitment to responsible and safe gambling, Apex Casino will:

  • Comply with all laws and regulations to provide a secure gambling environment.
  • Offer information to casino customers about responsible gaming, including resources for seeking help if needed.
  • Treat the visitors with respect and provide assistance to those who may require support with their gambling.
  • Promote the Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis (AGLC) and Alberta Health Services Problem Gambling Helpline to ensure that individuals have access to professional assistance.
  • Advocate for responsible gambling policies, practices, and procedures within the gaming industry to create a safer and more enjoyable environment for all.

The Self-Exclusion Program

The Self-Exclusion Program is for players who wish to be excluded from play at casinos and racing entertainment centres.

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) has teamed up with the Alberta Health Services and the gaming industry to develop new programs to assist problem gamblers.

The Self-Exclusion Program

The Casino and Racing Entertainment Centre (REC) Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program is a program designed for those who feel it is in their best interest not to participate in casino gaming activities. By submitting an application to the AGLC, participants can voluntarily agree to be excluded from entering all Alberta casinos and RECs for a specified time period.

Participants choose the length of the exclusion period (minimum six months to maximum three years) and can be charged with an offence pursuant to the Gaming and Liquor Act of Alberta if they violate the agreement. The program is administered by the AGLC and enforced by Apex Casino security staff.

  • Apex Casino emphasizes to its employees that casino gaming is an activity that is appropriate for adults only and requires them to be vigilant in their efforts to prevent minors from playing at their casino.
  • Apex Casino conducts its business with honesty and integrity, consistent with the highest moral, legal, and ethical standards, complying with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Apex Casino adheres to the Advertising and Marketing Standards for the Alberta Gaming Industry to ensure that gambling is represented in a responsible manner in all advertising and marketing.
  • Gambling help materials and information about how a problem gambler may obtain gambling help are readily visible in their facility, including toll-free helpline numbers.