Gaming operator Veikkaus introduces ID checks on slot machines in Finland

Gaming operator Veikkaus introduces ID checks on slot machines in Finland

The Finnish gaming operator Veikkaus is increasing its player protection measures. Starting today, Tuesday, players must identify themselves using a smartphone app with a virtual ID card before they can play on a slot machine operated by the Finnish gambling monopoly.

Slot machines in Finland are only accessible after an ID check. (Image: Pixabay / Aidan Howe)

According to Veikkaus, this card also allows players to be blocked from playing machines if they have problems with their gambling behavior, says Veikkaus sales director Jari Heino. The manager emphasized that the group made it easier for players to keep control of their gaming behavior through the measure:

If a customer finds gambling problematic, they have the option of completely preventing themselves from playing slot machines. For a large part of Finns, gambling is not a problem, but with this measure we want to offer preventive tools to those at risk of trouble.

In addition, the required proof of age will effectively prevent minors from gaining access to the devices in the future.

Expansion of player protection at Veikkaus

For Veikkaus, the ID check on the slot machines is not the only measure to promote safe play. From the coming July, the ID check will be mandatory for all visitors to the operator's arcades.

It was originally planned to introduce this control only from 2023. From this point on, all Veikkaus offers should only be accessible to players after personal identification.

Veikkaus had already introduced the ID check for test purposes in some Finnish regions last October. After the successful trial phase, more machines were added in December before the provider announced the nationwide introduction on January 12, 2021.

In addition, Veikkaus will increase the loss limit of EUR 500 per week for online games in quick succession. The company is also planning to cut the number of land-based slot machines. By the end of 2021, their number is expected to decrease by 8,000 devices.

Veikkaus has already announced that the steps taken will have an impact on the financial result. Accordingly, the management is assuming that the income this year will be around 300 million euros lower.