New Zealand: Campaign for Domestic Gambling Instead of Abroad

New Zealand: Campaign for Domestic Gambling Instead of Abroad

New Zealand's state-owned sports and horse betting company TAB NZ has launched a new advertising campaign to discourage gamblers from gambling with overseas bookmakers. As the company said in a press release on Thursday, the campaign is intended to remind citizens of the benefits of domestic gambling.

New Zealand's sports betting monopoly is against gambling with foreign providers. (Image: Pixabay)

The campaign is supported by various New Zealand sports stars. Under the motto “Support the Home Team”, rugby union player Stephen Donald, UFC fighter Dan Hooker, horse trainer Jamie Richards as well as two jockeys and a TV host are promoting TAB NZ's gambling.

In New Zealand, the government agency Racing Industry Transition Agency (RITA) holds the monopoly on sports and horse racing. With the Racing Act passed in 2003, the underlying betting totaliser “TAB” was set up and two TV channels were launched for the transmission of sporting events. Under New Zealand law, foreign online gambling providers operate illegally by making their products available to New Zealanders. However, players will not be prosecuted.

In a one-minute advertising clip, the athletes compare the support of the domestic sports betting provider with the support of domestic athletes and sports teams.

According to Jamie Richards, the “Kiwis” [the self-chosen nickname of New Zealanders] are known for standing behind their own compatriots. UFC fighter Hooker, on the other hand, notes that the kiwis “like to stand up to the fittest”. Rugby player Donald compares TAB NZ with underdogs in sport who are always ready to support the New Zealanders.

New Zealand's sports are missing out on NZD 80 million

TAB NZ and the athletes representing the company explain that the New Zealanders ultimately support themselves if they place their bets at home instead of abroad.

While the many providers abroad kept their income from New Zealand almost entirely to themselves, a large part of the income from TAB NZ flowed directly into the maintenance and promotion of New Zealand sports and racing. The company explains:

New Zealanders spend almost $ 130 million annually on online sports and horse betting with foreign providers. These providers only give back to the New Zealand sports and racing industry a fraction of what TAB brings back to it. If the entire amount were put into TAB, an additional $ 80 million would be poured into New Zealand sports and equestrian sports every year.

As TAB NZ finally explains, your own success is automatically a success for all of New Zealand. The next annual reports could show whether this alone is enough to demotivate players to bet on foreign sites.